Food Safety Factors Westchester New York

Some key food safety factors to be aware of while managing your food establishment: We can control time and temperature. Keeping our foods out of the temperature zone 41˚F and 135˚F is key. Cooking our food to the required minimal temperatures is another key factor. Storing and cooling our food is very important. It is Read more about Food Safety Factors Westchester New York[…]

Servsafe Q&A Westchester County

Servsafe Food Managers Safety Q&A Can I take the exam online? NO! A registered proctor must be onsite! No exam can be taken online without a proctor. Does Westchester County accept the NYC food manager’s certification? NO! Is the Servsafe certification valid for life in Westchester County? NO! How often does the certification need to Read more about Servsafe Q&A Westchester County[…]

Food Culture Food Safety Servsafe New York

Culture and food jobs and Servsafe New York Hard work and being an Immigrant has made us as a nation great. For many people transitioning to the U.S food jobs are a great way to get started as we learn the language and get set up. Some make it a lifelong profession some don’t. Culture Read more about Food Culture Food Safety Servsafe New York[…]