Food Safety Violations in Westchester County NY

Violations of Food Safety Westchester New York Food Safety is an important thing state to state and your local health regulatory groups make sure all of us restaurant owners are up to date and in accordance with food safety laws and regulations, especially in Westchester County. It is common and unfortunately if you have been Read more about Food Safety Violations in Westchester County NY[…]

The Food Prep Table Servsafe

How to take care of The Food Prep Table Servsafe Keep in mind that your prep area must be cleaned on a regular basis and under no circumstances should chemicals or electronic devices be kept on or around your prep table. At Westchester Food Safety a leader in the Food Manager’s Safety Protection Servsafe certification we Read more about The Food Prep Table Servsafe[…]

Re-certifying Servsafe Westchester NY

So what do you do if your certificate is up for renewal? Westchester Food Safety suggests that all our clients take our course followed by our examinations. As the sciences change and Servsafe is updated every year, the exams change. Not one exam is the same. However, some people who have been in the industry Read more about Re-certifying Servsafe Westchester NY[…]

Food Allergen Statements Servsafe NY

Food Allergen Statements Servsafe, Westchester Food Safety The number of Americans affected by food allergies is trending higher every year. Dining out is a serious concern for them as well as their family and friends. Those who deal with this life-threatening condition are often unsure which restaurants can safely accommodate them — if at all. Read more about Food Allergen Statements Servsafe NY[…]

Food Safety in Food Delivery Servsafe

Food Safety in Food Delivery Servsafe As more and more customers are not eating at home, but are actually having food delivered home it’s important to stay up to date with the current food safety trends regarding delivery, food temperatures, and good personal hygiene. As your food leaves your shop many factors can affect your Read more about Food Safety in Food Delivery Servsafe[…]

The Best Food Managers Course in Westchester County NY

The Best Servsafe Food Managers Course in Westchester County NY Westchester Food Safety is having tremendous results and clients across the county and tri-state are calling us for their food manager’s safety courses. We are a great resource for those who are first timers and repeat food safety clients who just need to renew their Read more about The Best Food Managers Course in Westchester County NY[…]

Norovirus, Westchester County Food Safety

What is Norovirus? Westchester Food Safety is a leader in Food Safety in Westchester County New York, here is some useful info in regards to Norovirus. Make sure you study this material for your exam. Here is some general info taken from the Westchester County Web site that you may find useful. Norovirus is Read more about Norovirus, Westchester County Food Safety[…]

Servsafe and Government Agencies

What Government Agencies are Responsible for the Prevention of Food borne illness in the United States? Food and Drug Administration (FDA)   U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)   State and Local Regulatory Agencies (HEALTH DEPARTMENT)   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)   U.S. Public Health Service (PHS)   What is the Role of Read more about Servsafe and Government Agencies[…]

Why Westchester Food Safety? Servsafe exam in Westchester County NY

At Weschester Food Safety we understand what is entailed in opening a food establishment. The pains one has to endure opening and maintaining a food establishment. As a restaurant owner myself I can relate to my students. That is why I have created a course that is easy, fun, informative and straight to the point. Read more about Why Westchester Food Safety? Servsafe exam in Westchester County NY[…]

Customer Satisfaction Servsafe

What makes a restaurant good? How do we as restaurant owners and manager’s get great Customer Satisfaction? There are certain characteristics that distinguish a good restaurant from an average one. Such qualities help keep a good restaurant’s tables filled with satisfied customers. If your small business owns a restaurant, understanding some of the qualities it should Read more about Customer Satisfaction Servsafe[…]