Save your branded name food safety Servesafe

Save your branded name food safety first

Hi, as 2018 has begun, many of us in the food industry have been faced with many challenges ahead. Specifically, those in the fast food chains. Higher pay wages, increased food costs and bad media press. Although many feel helpless and alone there are many things they can do. It starts with a well organized business, food establishment. Keeping up on cleanliness and customer service will absolutely bring people back. Many franchises allow their franchises to use special promotions. Not a bad idea. Drive people back. Having a clean and smelling good restroom will also leave a lasting impression.  Clean windows, well swept entrance ways. Find a happy customer and ask for a google review or a yelp review. Training your staff on Food Safety is key. Many shops encounter fast turnover and training staff is key. So now is a great time to contact Westchester Food Safety. We will come in train your staff and test the same day. Hanging your Servsafe Certification in your wall not only gives your staff pride but ensures your customers you are food safety compliant. Sign up today. Come to our location located in Rye New York, or we will come to you.  Thanks

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