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Common Cleaning Tips for the Restaurant Servsafe

A great and the best way to be updated on food safety practices is to take the Servsafe Food Managers Course and examination. Certification is key and fundamental in various counties throughout the country.

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Any sanitation program should include cleaning processes for these common and sometimes overlooked areas found in any commercial kitchen.

Countertops – In a commercial kitchen, countertops are at the heart of the action. Protect against food cross-contamination with regular disinfection and maintenance. Disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces regularly can help prevent foodborne illnesses.

Cutting boards – Cutting boards need to be cleaned before use, before changing from one food type to another and after food handling is complete. Since these surfaces tend to be scored and scratched, it allows them to harbor food that can lead to bacterial growth.

Food preparation sinks – Clean and sanitize food prep sinks between use and throughout the day.

Greasy surfaces – Range hoods, fryers, ovens, walls and other tough greasy surfaces should be cleaned with a heavy duty degreaser to prevent a potential fire hazard. Trash and grease dumpsters should be cleaned weekly.

Baseboards – Clean baseboards frequently and effectively. These areas, particularly underneath sinks, tend to be highly contaminated with food soils, and can also be moist environments that create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Floor drains – Bacteria can often be found feeding on food residues in floor drains. These food sources can also attract other unwanted pests. Regular drain cleaning can help keep this in check.

Also, when purchasing new kitchen equipment, such as ice machines, consider ease of cleaning. The more difficult it is to clean, the more likely it won’t be cleaned consistently or correctly.



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