Display your Food Managers Safety Protection Certificate proudly. Servsafe in Westchester County NY

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Servsafe many of us haven’t been in school for some time, or many of us haven’t been. Period….. Anyway getting your Servsafe certification is something to be proud of. You sat in on a class, you studied you took pride in your job, and you worked for this piece of paper.

And this certificate has value!

Many people, especially customers have worked in the food industry and they know what this certificate is. So at the shop make it visible. Let all those who need to see it, see it. It makes an impression and shows you have a good safe clean food establishment.

Some people keep this certificate in the back area. Let your customers see it. Keep it where your health inspector will see it. Usually front counter area, register. Near the entrance. Anyway keeping them up to date is important. Nobody likes to see an expired certificate so stay on top of this. Every 5 years we all need to renew. And each time you get it, it gets easier and you learn more.

Have pride on this. Employee’s often ask about it. So get them certified. At Westchester Food Safety we certify whole restaurants doing private group classes. So group rates are available in the tri-state area. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Westchester County food safety Servsafe and Bergen County food safety Servsafe.

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