Re-certifying Servsafe Westchester NY


So what do you do if your certificate is up for renewal?

Westchester Food Safety suggests that all our clients take our course followed by our examinations. As the sciences change and Servsafe is updated every year, the exams change. Not one exam is the same. However, some people who have been in the industry for 20+ years may feel confident just taking the examination and feel comfortable doing a self study. Westchester Food Safety does not oppose such requests or deny this option to our clients. Everyone is different.

At Westchester Food Safety we take pride on getting our clients all the information they need inorder to pass the examination. The examination is more difficult as it was 5 years ago and the price difference from Exam only and the full course and exam package is not such a big difference. So we suggest those re-certifying take the full course package. Better safe than sorry.

We have seen those who claimed to have years and years experience with food and we have seen them fail. This resulted in them having to re-take the examination.

At Westchester Food Safety we take pride in our courses and examination process. Our goal is your success. And your success brings us more and more work.

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the best options for you and for your staff. Please read our testimonials as many clients are happy with the services we provide.


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