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Hard work and being an Immigrant has made us as a nation great. For many people transitioning to the U.S food jobs are a great way to get started as we learn the language and get set up. Some make it a lifelong profession some don’t.

Culture serves us all; literally giving us good taste as far as what’s on the menu. It can also make things challenging in terms of food safety.

Different cultures do different things and in the U.S, in the tri sate area, New York and Westchester County we have certain standards in regards to Food Safety. Taking the food manager’s certification is an important part and an essential step needed by the Westchester County Health Dept.

Culture and language barrier accompanied by time restraints can make it difficult to train our staff well.

Getting our staff Servsafe certified is a great way to break the cultural barrier and a great way to train our staff. Better trained staff make us more money. Cash in on food safety and get at least one staff manager’s certified today.

We recommend that Spanish speakers take out online course followed up by an examination held at our testing facility in Rye New York

Spanish speakers who may speak English well may feel more comfortable taking a course in Spanish and taking a test in Spanish as well.

Remember all tests must be taken with a live instructor no online exam exists.

Westchester Food Safety has created an online site: Its easy to sign up follow the link:

ServSafe® Food Manger’s Safety Protection Curso en Línea en Idioma Español


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