ServSafe® Managers Certification

ServSafe® Managers Certification NY vs. Connecticut

This is an interesting topic and good news for some bad for others. Depends on who is asking though.

So it is clear that in NY State, ServSafe® Food Managers Certification is good for 5 years. So every 5 years it must be renewed. In Connecticut once you get certified it’s good for life as long as your food establishment is in Connecticut.

Not trying to be the devil’s advocate but I feel that renewing your certification can only be an advantage and although this may cause some minor inconvenience a brush up on food safety can only help the cause. Staying up to date on current food safety trends is important.

Any opinions on this topic?

Check your local requirements here.


One thought on “ServSafe® Managers Certification

  • It’s a positive aspect to have management re-certified. Costly but an investment – post the certificates to reassure your guests and staff that the policies and procedures in place regarding food safety exist tor them!

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