Cold Storage Tips. Westchester Food Safety



Maintain proper air flow and circulation; do not overload units or block vents.

Use free-standing freezers for long-term storage (months) and mounted freezers for short-term storage (days or weeks).

Properly package and cover food to maintain quality and prevent freezer burn.

Follow the FIFO stock rotation rule: first in, first out.

Ensure your unit has a visible, working thermometer that Ensure your unit has a visible, working thermometer that is accurate to within 2°F.

Keep frozen foods solid with a unit temperature of 0oF or below to maintain quality.

Regularly monitor and log internal equipment temperatures. Take at least two temperature readings per day. Use your temperature log. Keep on file.

Do not use freezers for cooling foods.

Defrost units periodically and store frozen food in a separate freezer during the defrosting process.

Make cleanliness a priority by wiping down shelves on a routine basis.

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