Ice Paddles and Cooling foods Servsafe Westchester Food Safety

Ice Paddles & Cooling Foods Servsafe Westchester Food Safety

What is an ice paddle?

Chill Soups Quickly: Cooling Ice Paddles. … Ice paddles are made of sturdy food grade plastic, meaning they can interact with hot food without melting or releasing any harmful chemicals into the food.


How to use the ice paddles?
To quickly cool hot soups, stews, or beverages, use cooling paddles as stirrers to lower the temperature of your foods. Place a soup chiller in your pot or use it as a stirrer to cool the liquid from the inside out. Using these chilled paddles helps your kitchen adhere to HACCP guidelines and reduce the amount of time food is in the danger zone. Made of durable plastic, these cooling paddles can be filled with water and frozen or filled with ice to decrease chilling time. For other equipment and supplies to help with food temperature regulations, see our pocket thermometers, soup kettles, and blast chillers. If you’re wondering where to buy cooling paddles, we have a large selection of cooling paddles for sale at the lowest prices.

Use cooling paddles in food pans or other containers to aid in both stirring and rapidly cooling hot foods. These paddles greatly accelerate the cooling of liquid foods before you place them in a refrigerator, helping you to adhere to HACCP regulations. This is a great food safety tool as it reduces the amount of time that foods are in the danger zone during their transition from hot temperatures to refrigerated storage temperatures.

Cool off liquids by placing a soup chiller in the center of the hot pot to chill liquids from the inside out and accelerate the cooling process. You can also use the paddle as a stirrer to reach liquids in all areas of the pot. Simply fill the soup chiller with water and place it in your freezer to create a frozen paddle, or fill the container with chopped ice to reduce chilling time.



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