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Here are some tips which will helpry Storage Tips! Feel free to comment. Thanks

To prevent contamination from liquids, dust, insects and rodents, store food at least 6” above floor and away from the walls.

Ensure store room is well ventilated.

Store all cleaning and chemical products on shelves below dry goods (as well as utensils).

Follow the FIFO inventory management rule: first in, first out.

Increase the shelf life of bulk products – such as flour, sugar, rice and grains – by transferring them from their original packaging into air-tight, BPA-free plastic containers.

Opt for food grade containers that lock out moisture with easy snap-on lids.

Toss out canned goods that are too dented to stack, bulging at the ends, punctured, or have leakage stains.

Adhere to special storage instructions on packaging, such as “store in a cool, dry place” or “refrigerate after opening”.

Set up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for shelves and food surfaces. Use a slow day to do major cleaning. Do this maintenance on a regular basis. Use NSF approved shelves for storage.

Never keep items stored on the floor. Keep all single-use items in their original containers.


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