Wearing gloves the Servsafe way Westchester Food Safety

When using gloves, you should: Wash your hands before putting them on and when changing to a fresh pair. Make sure they fit properly. A glove that is too big will not stay on your hand, and one that is too small will rip or tear easily.

Change them when necessary.

You should change them at the following times:

  • As soon as they become soiled or torn
  • Before beginning a different task
  • When in doubt
  • After handling raw meat, fish, or poultry and before handling cooked or ready-to-eat food. There may be some exceptions.

Remove them properly. Grasp them at the cuff and peel them off inside out over your fingers. Avoid touching your palm or fingers with the glove. Never wash and reuse them. Food handling gloves should only be used for one food handling task.

To find out all the information on exceptions and Servsafe gloves usage take a full 8 hour course with Westchester Food Safety in Westchester County New York. We specialize in the Food Managers Safety Protection Certification required by the Health Department.

Gloves are a wonderful tool that can be used to protect customers from foodborne illness when used correctly. Gloves, just like bare hands, can be easily contaminated. Workers should remember to change their gloves often and wash their hands before putting on a new pair. Proper glove usage is a very important.

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