What do customers look for in a good dining experience? Servsafe Certification in Westchester County

Happy Customers

What is a good dining experience?

  • GOOD FOOD! That’s personal and something you find out! But beyond that you need much much more.
  • Good Dinning experience, good take out system. Good fast Delivery if you offer that service.
  • A clean and aesthetically enticing atmosphere. It’s very important that your establishment follows strict cleaning practices. Standing behind your product means giving your customers security and providing them confidence in who you are and what your food represents.

The Food Manager’s Safety Protection Servsafe Certification helps ensure this.

  • Sincerity and communication – Guests at your restaurant want to feel important, not like a number, so making real sincere contact with them is a great way to starting off their experience at your restaurant on a positive thing. They want to communicate with you, make eye contact and have a real sincere human experience in your food establishment. Word of mouth travels. The best exposure you can get is word of mouth. People talk. One bad experience can ruin you.

What can you do to make customers feel special?

  • Give a real welcoming greeting! Speak clearly be warm! Welcome them!
  • Learn the names of regular guests. They like this. They feel special.
  • Learn food or drink preferences from your regular guests.
  • Make suggestions to new and repeat customers.

Important Note!

  • Be aware of potential allergens!This is also a key factor on your Servsafe Examination.
    Also your Health Department may require notices on your menu and signage. Really important. Again your clients like to see you are looking out for them. Plus you will save your self from a potential law suite. Which can shut your food establishment down.
  • Be ready to propose alternatives to people with allergens and train your staff. Follow strict practices.
  • Training is key!!!! Training is key. Getting your Staff Food Safety certified really important,, Affordable and this gives your staff a sense of pride in their job.
  • Personal Hygiene! Implement good clean personal hygiene practices. Customers look for this. Training Training Training!!!

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