The Food Prep Table Servsafe

Food Prep Area

How to take care of The Food Prep Table Servsafe

Keep in mind that your prep area must be cleaned on a regular basis and under no circumstances should chemicals or electronic devices be kept on or around your prep table. At Westchester Food Safety a leader in the Food Manager’s Safety Protection Servsafe certification we will train you and your staff to be up to date on all food safety issues and codes based on Servsafe standards which is accepted by the Westchester County Health Department..


Preventing Cross-Contamination When Prepping Food

When you prep food, you may handle both raw and ready-to-eat food items. Pathogens can be transferred from one food to another if you are not careful. That could make you or your guests sick. To stay safe, follow these guidelines.

Make sure workstations, cutting boards, equipment, and utensils are cleaned and sanitized.

Do NOT allow ready-to-eat food to touch surfaces that have come in contact with raw meat, seafood, or poultry.


Prep raw meat, seafood, and poultry at a different time than ready to-eat food when using the same table.

Clean and sanitize work surfaces, utensils, and equipment between each product.


Take our Food manager’s Safety course and exam and get the information you need to keep your food safe from cross contamination.



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