Hand Washing for Food Managers and Food Handlers.

Hand washing done properly

Hand washing for proper Food SafetySo according to the Servsafe Mangers Food Safety Exam, the National Restaurant Association hands must be washed in this order. Wet hands and arms, apply soap, scrub hands and arms vigorously, rinse hands and arms thoroughly, dry hands and arms. Some people say that when washing hands you should sing happy birthday two times. The hand washing process should be around 20 seconds.

Feel free to download the white paper, entitled “The Safe Path to Success, How a Food Safety Training Program for Employees and Managers Is a Critical Component for Restaurant and Food Service Operations”.  This file is from the Servsafe website.
How do you wash your hands? What are the steps you follow? How do you ensure your staff are following the proper hand cleaning guidelines?

Watch our video and feel free to share it with your staff. It’s a good idea to have them see it and it’s a great idea to spend time ensuring your workers are following this procedure. Food borne illnesses are the leading cause of bad food safety in the US.


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