New York’s Path to $15 Minimum Wage: Uneven, and Bumpy. How can Food Safety help out?

Food_Safety_JobNew York’s Path to $15 Minimum Wage: Uneven, and Bumpy. How can Food Safety help out?

So Fast Food workers are getting raises once again. By December 31 2016, New York City fast food workers will receive ($12 an hour) and the rest of the state ($10.75 an hour) So what does this mean for employers? fast food chain owners? Increase food costs? Less workers? More hours put in by the owners? Restaurant closings? Computer kiosks? Letting people go?

What does this mean to food safety? Seems like a good time to expect more from our workers? With the pay going up every year and by the year 2022 workers will gain ($15 an hour). So change is hard but with increased pay raises some believe the fast food workers of the future will be more sought out more specialized and the requirements will be more. Food managers and food handler’s certification will be more in demand. Owners and hiring managers will be expecting more from prospective employees. Now is a good time to get certified. Guaranteed pay raises every year are good things for workers and for the employer for sure a challenge. But some believe this change will make our fast food restaurants run better. The days of $1.00 sandwiches may be over but times are changing. So getting a food manager’s certification is a great step for all.

Any thoughts on the pay raises?

What the new expectations of workers will be? Will business improve? Get worse?

How will the Servsafe certification help your food establishment?

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