August 1, 2016


Food Safety ClassroomNew York and Westchester Classes

Westchester Food Safety has partnered with ServSafe®  with the goal of helping all our students earn the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification. The certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP).

Currently, all of our courses are presented in English however, you may also take the exam in Spanish and Chinese. Translators are welcome to attend the course with the student during the instruction, but not during the exam portion.

We offer our clients instruction and the examination at our locations in Westchester County, NY (usually in Rye). This Open Group Class is available twice a month. More dates are available based on demand.

We also offer Private Classes at your location. In other words, we come to you. This is a convenient way to get your staff certified and educated all at once.

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Food Safety Classes

Option 1 – Open Class
– All are welcome.
– Held at our location.
– In 8 hours or less, you’ll be certified.
– 5.5 hours of instruction. (8 hours in TOTAL)
– 30-minute lunch break. (BYO)
– 2 hours are allocated for the exam. It may take you less time.
– Course Study Book, Downloadable PDF File, FREE with this purchase! (normally $89.99! Great Value!)
Total cost: $265.00

Option 2 – Private Class
 -Held at your location.
– Please contact us to discuss details for private classes.
– Up to 4 students.
– 8 hours of instruction.
– 30-minute lunch break. (BYO)
– 2 hours are allocated for the exam. It may take you less time.
– Course Study Book, Downloadable PDF File, FREE with this purchase! (normally $89.99! Great Value!)
Total cost: $950.00

Option 3 – Exam Only
– Held at our location.
By selecting this option you are 100% responsible for your preparation for the Servsafe examination. You are opting out on any study material given by Westchester Food Safety. This Exam Only Session is a great option for those who are very confident with the material and feel they are 100% prepared for the exam. Exam Only clients may only attend the exam portion of the exam. 2 hours are allocated for the exam.
Total cost: $150.00

If you wish to take the Exam Only option at your location, please call for details and rates.

Option 4 – Retake Exam Only
– Held at our location.
All customers who did not pass the exam with Westchester Food Safety and wish to retake the exam will be granted the full day course in conjunction with the exam as a courtesy. There is a fee. Please read below for more information.
Total cost: $125.00

Once you have registered allow time for a confirmation email with details of the course address, a study guide and the practice exam if you have booked a course. Westchester Food Safety is open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

By checking this box you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on our Refunds page.

If your company certifies several employees a year, please contact our office and we will determine if you qualify for a company discount.

Re-Testing Policy:
An examinee may take the examination twice within a thirty-day period, if necessary. If a third attempt is required, the examinee must wait at least sixty days from their last attempt. Re-testing must be scheduled during our class room schedule.
Total cost: $125.00

The ServSafe® Certification Exam is available online in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The purchase of an “Exam Access Code” is a unique, one-time use number, which the examinee must enter into the computer to access the exam. Only Registered ServSafe® Instructors or Proctors may administer the ServSafe® Online Exam. Either proctors or examinees may purchase Exam Access Codes. Purchased Exam Access Codes will be emailed directly to the purchaser’s email address.

IMPORTANT: Exam Access Codes are NOT refundable. You MUST have a registered ServSafe® Instructor or Proctor to administer the exam. You may not administer the exam to yourself. BEFORE PURCHASING: check with your state restaurant association, local health department or community college with a culinary or hospitality program to find out if a proctored online exam site is available in your area. Also read regulatory requirements to ensure the online exam is accepted in your area. We can not issue a refund if you take the wrong exam.