Restaurant or Food Establishment Opening Tips

Simple tips while opening a restaurant or food establishment

All of us in the food industry have been there. Opening a restaurant dealing with banks, creditors, franchises if you go that route, vendors, etc. can be a real pain.  So much to do and at times it’s hard finding the right help to get going.

Food protection and the health department is a major concern as well staff training. For many of us in the industry we have a good idea of who we want and who we don’t want to work in our shop. Staff turnover can be a major issue, and some say the main issue.

What is the best way to get everything working in harmony? Really it starts with management and works its way down. The Food establishment needs management always. You may be an owner, or you were hired to manage. Either way the responsibility falls on management.

The first step is understanding food, it all starts with food. For many opening a restaurant is a new venture and if you some were asked. What is the internal temperature of poultry? What is the proper concentration range of your sanitizer? Or how do you store food in the walk-in cooler? Many wouldn’t know and many in the industry for a significant time wouldn’t know either. This is troubling.

At Westchester Food Safety we offer a variety of Food Safety Consulting Services. We specialize in Servsafe Certification which is required throughout the tri-state. New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Westchester Food Safety works throughout the tri-state training one food establishment at a time. In fact we are often referred by the local health departments.

We offer a full-service compliance checklist which will keep the health department at bay and will keep your shop running well. We offer intense short training staff, kitchen staff training sessions, called Food Safety Briefings. Depending on your needs we can train anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. We always leave our customers with tools that will enable them to run well and, in the end, help them make more money. Better food equals happier customers, better trained staff and more income.

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