October 9, 2017

Food Safety Consulting

Westchester Food Safety not only certifies and trains it’s clients in the Food Manager’s Safety Servsafe Certification, but also offers a variety of Food Safety programs. Our ultimate goal is helping our clients stay in compliance with the local regulatory authority, The Health Department, and assisting food establishments by helping them build a strong foundation for proper food safety standards.

We will personally come into your food establishment and give you an evaluation based on your current food safety practices. We are not the Health Department. We are the guys who help you keep them happy and ultimately keep your food and your customers safe and in compliance with code.

At Westchester Food Safety we help guide the success of our clients’ foods safety needs.

The process is simple and painless.

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Food Safety Consulting Services

Food Safety Compliance Evaluation Checklist

For many understanding, what is needed and required to run a successful food establishment is no easy task. For many who are opening for the first time or for those changing ownership or re-opening a previously owned shop food safety and the Health Department requirements may not be presented easily.

Understanding what one needs to develop a proper and food safe environment is key. By doing so we will immediately avoid many pitfalls and ensure our staff is trained well, our customers are happy and we are making money.

Westchester Food Safety has developed a master checklist that is fundamental in understanding what is needed to run a successful and efficient shop.

Westchester Food Safety also provides our clients with all the required Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We offer a variety of training to Management. We provide the latest and most up to date food safety signage that will ensure the Health Department is happy and your shop is running smoothly. We also supply our customers with various training manuals both in English and Spanish

Food Safety Briefings – On-Site Training Sessions

Every food establishment or management team has different needs. What works for you might not work for them. Based on your needs and training intentions, Westchester Food Safety will customize a high-level training session related to Food Safety Management and will supply your establishment with the skills and tools to make your business thrive. Our briefings last anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. The training sessions can be presented via a classroom setting or conducted directly in your shop.

NYC – Bronx County Food Service Safety Consulting and Training

Food Safety throughout the 5 boroughs is challenging and keeping the health department happy has a set of challenges. NYC is known for strict regulations. Food code and regulations differ from other regulatory jurisdictions around the country even throughout New York State. Westchester Food Safety offers training and consulting throughout the Bronx.

Architectural Food Safety Compliance Services

Do you need assistance with your food establishment’s architectural designs and Health Department requirements related to your facility?  Westchester Food Safety has partnered with a local architect who provides many architectural services related food service requirements in various counties, towns, and cities in the tri-state. One noted service is a comprehensive checklist guide which is great for new or pre-existing locations. Call for more info.