October 9, 2017

Food Safety Consulting

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Welcome to Westchester Food Safety and welcome to our Food Consultancy page. At Westchester Food Safety we specialize in helping our clients stay in compliance with the local regulatory authority, The health Department.

We will personally come into your food establishment and give you an evaluation based on your current food safety practices. We are not the Health Department. We are the guys who help you keep them happy and ultimately keep your food and your customers safe and in compliance with code.

At Westchester Food Safety we help guide the success of our clients foods safety needs.

The process is rather simple and painless.

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There is a lot involved when building a food establishment, per-existing or new. The Health Department as you know has to approve your construction and ultimately gives your shop the blessing to be open. Having a shop built and using the right architect and contractor is key. However architects and contractors don’t understand food and what the Health Department will require in order for you to be finally open in regards to food safety practices.

Westchester Food Safety will help you get that seal of approval that your food establishment is food safety compliant and ready for the Final Health Department’s inspection.

If you are already an established food service operation we can help you stay in compliance with the Health Department.

Unfortunately hundreds of food establishments are written up every day all over the tri-state area and many people are left feeling helpless and need some assistance. We can help!

You may ask yourself,


At Westchester Food Safety we can help. Westchester Food Safety has designed a food safety program that will give you all the tools and allow you to put the final touches on your shop in a few easy steps.

This service is affordable! Easy! And effective!


Call for an appointment, we’ll come to you (914) 309-6572