Some Foodborne Illness Facts in Westchester County Servsafe

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At Westchester Food Safety we train our clients on Food Safety and educate them on the risks and prevention methods in regards to foodborne illnesses.

Get Servsafe certification it is the law if you own or operate a food establishment in the county.

Contact your local health department to see if you must comply to these standards.

NEARLY 5 MILLION NEW YORKERS INFECTED WITH FOOD-BORNE ILLNESSES EACH YEAR Nationwide, Food-Borne Illnesses Infect 87 Million, Hospitalize 371,000, Lead to 5,700 Deaths.

Approximately 5 million New Yorkers are infected with food-borne illnesses each year. Nationwide, food-borne illnesses infect an estimated 87 million Americans, hospitalize 371,000 and lead to an estimated 5,700 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has made some progress improving food safety regulations, the nation’s food safety laws have not been significantly overhauled in more than a century, according to the Congressional Research Service.

County Statistics for the Hudson Valley: In the Hudson Valley, an estimate of an estimate of over 570,000 are afflicted with a food-borne illness each year.

Foodborne illness is caused by consuming contaminated foods or beverages. Many different disease-causing microbes or pathogens can contaminate foods, so there are many different types of foodborne illnesses. Most foodborne diseases are infections caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

How can we prevent food borne illnesses?

Prepare Food Safely

Wash your hands with hot soapy water before and after you prepare foods.

Thaw food in the refrigerator or microwave oven, not on the kitchen counter.

If possible, have 2 cutting boards. …

Cook foods thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria.


What is a major factor in foodborne illness outbreaks?

The top five risk factors that most often are responsible for foodborne illness outbreaks are: Improper hot/cold holding temperatures of potentially hazardous food. Improper cooking temperatures of food. Dirty and/or contaminated utensils and equipment.


What are the most common food borne illnesses?

The bacteria and viruses that cause the most illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths in the United States are:


Norovirus (Norwalk Virus)


E. coli.


Clostridium perfringens.




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