Food Safety Violations in Westchester County NY

Violations of Food Safety Westchester New York

Checking meat temperature while grilling

Checking meat temperature while grilling

Food Safety is an important thing state to state and your local health regulatory groups make sure all of us restaurant owners are up to date and in accordance with food safety laws and regulations, especially in Westchester County. It is common and unfortunately if you have been found with a violation. To check if you have made the list please visit.


Here you may find your food establishment and the outcome of your visit. People, customers check these sites often and the best way to stay off the list is to take the Food Manger’s Safety Course and examination. It is a requirement in Westchester County and the surrounding counties alike. NY, NJ and CT. Contact your local health and regulatory group for details. Westchester Food Safety is a provider and testing center for the Servsafe Certification. Contact us directly, sign up, get informed. Get your staff and your managers up to date as the certification is good for 5 years. As time goes on sciences change and the test becomes more difficult. Just taking the exam without proper instruction is a bad idea. At Westchester Food safety we often find people with many years food experience fail because they lacked the testing experience and real understanding of food. Experience is one thing but testing is another. Don’t be caught without a certificate it can cost closer of your food establishment and a fine.

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Westchester Food Safety

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