Is the Food Safety Exam Difficult?

Is the Food Safety Exam Difficult?

Food Safety Exam EasyAccording to the National Restaurant Association, the ServSafe test is a matter of common sense in food handling and preparation, along with some technical knowledge. The test is extensive, but with excellent preparation and practice testing, the certification is not difficult to achieve.

At Wetschester Food Safety we cannot stress enough the need to study the material given before the course. Any extra material you read will help aid you in the exam. The truth is the exam is a college level exam. So for some the exam is not simple. The problem doesn’t necessarily lie in fact that the material is difficult to study but that some of the questions need the examinee to pay attention. The examinee needs to identify what was covered in the course, and what wasn’t. So the answering isn’t necessarily trick questioning. Since the material is straight forward and common sense the exam isn’t made too easy. So the best thing to do is to study as many practice exams as possible.

Even in a top level Culinary Arts program, the percent of students who passed the test the first time was only 89%.  In an on-line search, I was able to locate one instructor who had a 71% pass rate on the low side, and another who had an 85% pass rate on the high side. ServSafe reports 80% national average pass rate the first time.

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