Food safety issues affecting restaurants in Westchester.

Food Safety issues are real and affect us all.

There are many factors that can cause our foods to become unsafe and cause potential illnesses. There are a vast amount if issues. This blog is going to focus and will touch base on just two issues. Bacterial growth in our food and preventing it and viral borne food illnesses that can entire our foods and how to prevent this.

Just always remember this. We can control time and temperature and we can use our hands as a vehicle to keep contaminants out of our food.

There is this idea floating around that we can cook viruses out of our foods and that just cooking food to safe levels is all we need to do. This is wrong and this is often confused with bacterial- Viruses and bacterial are different but both major issues facing our industry.

To be honest the best way to prevent viral food borne infection and bacterial growth is to be educated. To be a stickler of Food Safety practices and to train staff to follow these important food safety issues.

Remember the fault of the employee falls 100% on the manager. No matter what they do, the food manager is responsible. That is a fact.

That is why the Health Department requires that all food managers get Servsafe certified. It’s a serious issue and ultimately poor management can cost the Business. A business that gets customers sick will cost.

If you are an owner and or are an absentee owner/manager. You need to be aware of the risks.

Westchester Food Safety prides ourselves on the fact that we know firsthand the issues affecting our industry as we are part of it. We own a successful food chain in Lower Westchester and Servsafe and being a food safety consulting company gives us great useful skills that we implement into our business plans.

Best thing is while being a Food Safety Manager is to be the example. Practice what you preach. Be on top of food safety issues at every point in the flow and production of food and equipment and facility. 100%.


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