Westchester Food Safety will Help You Succeed!

What’s your success rate? How many people pass how many fail.

Food-Safety-Course We’ll… it’s safe to say at Westchester Food Safety are students have a lot of success. We count on our students passing! It always depends on people’s desire to put in the time and listen and learn. If you come to our course and don’t pay attention your chances are not that great. If you are open minded and willing to do the work you will pass.

At Westchester Food Safety we understand time is precious and there is only a set amount of time to take in the info but that’s why we have constructed a course, which is the learning, and the info is tangible. Someone recently called me and asked will I pass. I replied you should but I don’t know you. I told them if they are serious they will do great. Somethings that could affect a student are culture, language, their personal background, education and their willingness to learn. Experience is also a big one.

The Food Safety Manger’s Exam in reality isn’t easy but we supply all are students with material before the exam that will help prepare them for the course while keeping their time schedule in check. There is no magical answer if you will pass but at Westchester Food Safety we work for you, we teach a course which is easy to understand and we don’t waste time. Our goal is that all students pass, learn and get something they can use in the field. You passing is what we are about and our class is designed just for that.

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