Qualities of Good Restaurant Team Work Players Servsafe

Qualities of Good Restaurant Team Work Players
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If you own or manage a restaurant or any food establishment here are some simple but effective points all staff should be aware of. Please feel free to print, copy or email your staff these important points that can help and make any food establishment run better.

The truth is staff is what makes our restaurants, run. Good staff means good food. Good customer service means happy customers. Happy workers mean happy owner.


Reliable= Good team members must be reliable. Without reliability it doesn’t matter how good of work you do.

Know Strengths & Weaknesses= A good team member understands their own & each team members strengths & weaknesses to ensure everyone contributes and adds value.

Communication Skills= A good team player can share information and resources with other team members and communicate what ever is necessary.

Flexibility= A good team player needs to be flexible to accommodate the needs of the team and to work well with the others.

Willing to Compromise= A good team player needs to compromise when their points of view or ideas are not embraced.

Listen= A good team player knows how to listen to their teammates and acts when the team needs them to.

Committed= A good team player needs to be committed to the team goals and focus on the overall success of the team.

Problem Solver= A good team player is a solution focused and is actively involved in identifying and solving problems.

Support= A good team player is always on hand to support ad assist others in helping them succeed.

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