What’s our secret to Food Safety Success?

Food Safety S

Food Safety Success Westchester Food Safety New Jersey, New York & Connecticut Servsafe Certification.

The main secret is being a restaurant owner! I have learned and experienced firsthand the struggles that go along keeping my shop going and keeping it growing. I have found the food safety starts first with me. The knowledge I learn even though I am an instructor and Servsafe proctor I am always and forever a student the knowledge is fundamental. New challenges arise every day. Staff is and has been proven to be one of the biggest challenge. I know how to keep food safe but do they? Do they really know? How do I go about ensuring this? Get them Servsafe certified. The food manager’s safety protection certification has a lot of value. The things presented on our class can really make the attendee think and really get them to learn new things that will make your shop more money. Keeping food safe is a great way to start. The Servsafe program I have personally created goes along with ANSI and the National Restaurant Association. The things we go over in our one day course is really on the money. We cover a lot and I always hear people thanking me for showing them new ways to think. Knowledge is power.

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