Food Safety Training Issues

With stricter food safety guidelines, the health department is becoming much more demanding and rightfully so. The CDC estimates that each year 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die and the reality is a majority of food establishments do not have good food safety standards to prevent possible dangers.

There are many reasons associated with the lack food safety standards.  Time restraints money and unfortunately the majority of food managers aren’t trained well enough even at minimum with having the food safety manager certification provided by Servsafe.


Unfortunately with the lack of training knowledge and skill, staff will not receive enough information to probably keep foods and customers free of danger.


So what do we do? The answer isn’t a quick one, but it is really based on a long-term commitment. Food Safety is a very important and ever-growing piece to the success of every promising food entablement or restaurant.


One way to get management and staff up to date on the basic food safety principals is to certify the entire staff. Food Managers Safety protection via Servsafe is a great start.


Another great way to improve and build a good food safety management system is to hold food safety briefings set up by food consultants such as Westchester Food Safety.


Westchester Food Safety offers a variety of training sessions called briefings. We will personally come into any food establishment and go over various food safety training issues. We cover everything from, sanitizing, food storage, cooling, reheating, food preparation, HACCP, and trash removal and many more topics. Each food establishment is different, so your training briefings will be custom tailored. Call for more details.


Remember food safety is everyone’s business it’s time to make it yours. As a result your business will thrive and your customers will return and your staffing will improve.


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