Trash Removal Servsafe

Trash Removal Servsafe Tips

Keeping our trash away from food and food products is key. At Westchester Food Safety we train all our participants on the rules associated with trash, trash removal and cleaning procedures laid out by The National Food Association. The duties of a Food Manger are important. After observing a food handler removing plastic bags of garbage and temporarily placing them on the prep table, the manager should. stop the food handler immediately and review the correct procedures for garbage handling. It’s very important all food managers are model examples. If we as managers aren’t following the right sanitary trash removal process then how do we expect our workers to follow food safety code?

Remember: Trash disposal and outdoor maintenance.
• All trash must go inside the dumpster.
• Keep out door area clean.
• Make sure that you dispose of all trash and cardboard properly in dumpsters and preferably away from your building.
• Trash left on the ground or uncovered will attract rodents and other animals.
• The Dumpster must have tight fitting lids.
• The dumpster needs to be made of non corrosive material.
• Easily cleanable.
• Placed on asphalt and non dirt floors.

Remember:  Keep trash away from the prep area.
• Trash must never be placed on food contact surfaces.
• Keep your trash bins away from the food prep table.
• Keep tight fitting lids on trash bins if not in use.

Remember:  Keep your trash bins clean.
• Consider making routine cleaning days to specifically clean the bins. Keeping and not attracting pests there is important. Food spills in the bins its normal.

Very important, after any trash removal, a good hand cleaning is necessary. Aviod soiling work clothes. Using protective gear while cleaning spills may be a solution.

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