How do I get the Food Managers Safety Course in Westchester and Fairfield

How do I get the Food Managers Safety Course in Westchester and Fairfield

You came to the right place. The answer is here. Just a brief explanation of why, how and where this works.

Many Health Departments, Westchester, Fairfield and Bergen Counties all require at least one Food Managers per shift be equipped with this certification. In the past 1 certificate per wall in each establishment was suffice. Now the Health Departments across the tri-state are requesting more certifications per shop.

Do not be confused we are talking about the Food Managers Safety Certification run through Servsafe.

Many companies will try to steer you wrong telling people the Food Handlers Certification is ok and it’s not. We need more throughout the tri.-state. We need a step up. We all need the Food Managers Safety.

In order to take this exam, you need to take it with a qualified instructor and or proctor (registered Servsafe Instructor).

Some do self-study, some take a course. Some take online courses.

Remember the exam can never be taken with a registered examinator present.

Many people think they know everything about food. The reality is most of us don’t. Taking this exam every 5 years as required is not always easy. Many of us need refreshers and as the years past so does food safety. Temperature readings change, food science changes and so do many other things.

Please call us if you have any questions. If we can’t help you, we may know someone who can.

Call us today.

Westchester is a leader in food safety in the tri-state. We offer many services throughout Westchester and Fairfield County.

We offer courses in Rye NY, once a month, Check out our Class Page for more information and dates.

This course is located right off the 95 great for people who need certification in Fairfield County Connecticut.

We offer re-certification examinations, we can also bring the exam to you.

We offer Private Training sessions. We can train groups of 4 or more and we will come to your location. This is a great and economic solution.


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