Hot holding Servsafe New York Food Safety

HOT STORAGE Servsafe Westchester Food Safety Tips
Hot holding tips.


Safe temperatures and careful food handling are critical to destroy potential contaminants and prevent the spread of bacteria. Follow these hot storage tips to keep guests healthy and happy.

Always clean holding units prior to use.

Pre-heat holding units before storing food to maintain a consistent food temperature.

Keep hot foods hot – maintain temperatures at or above 140°F and reheat food to 165°F before serving.

Ensure food is cooked to internal temperatures of at least 160°F before storing in holding units, such as steam table pans.

Do not use hot holding units to reheat or cook food.

Stir food-filled chafing dishes and food pans frequently to prevent burning and to keep temperatures uniform.

Place utensils in the food during meal service to prevent contamination.

Transport hot items in food-safe carriers that meet NSF requirements.

Begin meal service within 30 minutes of putting food on display.

Use properly installed sneeze guards to protect food display areas from contamination.

When potentially hazardous foods are exposed to warm temperatures for more than two hours, they develop bacterial microbes that cause food poisoning. Coined by the FDA, The Danger Zone ranges between 41° and 135°F. Avoid harmful bacterial growth and protect customers from illness by closely monitoring the temperature for your refrigerated units.

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