Make More Money as a Server, Waiting Staff, Manager! Get Servsafe Certified

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At Westchester Food Safety we prepare all our clients the Servsafe way.
This blog post is not directly related to Food Safety but you may find it useful.
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Westchester Food Safety is now holding courses in Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY.
1. Write “Thank You!” on guests’ checks, or make ’em laugh!
2. Upsell an experience, not an item.
3. Assume they will order a full meal – appetizer, entrée, desert, drinks.
Going with the flow. Your customers need suggestions guide them through. They need assistance and all your sales add up. More money on the bill more tip for you. Happier boss makes you more money.
4. Be efficient, and fast.
5. Give a little, get a lot!
6. Training!
The Food Manager’s Safety Certification can increase your pay rate by a lot.
Could be the difference from a normal staff worker to a Manager’s income. More money could lead to other benefits. In other words this certification will improve your cash income. This certification is a necessary in the restaurant or food establishment. Knowing your job on a deep level will make a serious impression on your employer. First step Server. Second step Manager. Third step Owner.
7. Keep track of your strongest servers, know who needs a little help!
8. Make it fun to make more money!
9. Stay positive!
Don’t get caught up in the impossible-to-please guests, or those who truly believe 10% is an adequate tip for a fantastic experience. They’re out there, and they’re part of the industry.
10. Be a supportive team! Team Work goes a long way
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