Summer months can cost? Servsafe Westchester Food Safety


So we all can’t wait for the summer. Finally that well needed vacation, nice walks through the park. Free time. Beach days and no work…. Ok things aren’t like they used to be. You own a restaurant or you operate one and the summer has caused some new challenges.

Here are a list of things that can affect your progress and improve it as well.

Food Safety becomes an increased challenge. Unwanted pests and insects can be entering your store. That any hole in the side of building flares up. Extra visits from your pest control provider is a good idea.

Wow in the summer.. some how and I don’t know why??? Workers call in sick, quit and sometimes don’t even show up. Sorry Frank I drank too much last night???? What…. Ok, so re training in the summer can keep you busy. If you learn anything from Servsafe Food Manager’s Safety Certification training and keeping employees involved in daily operations is key and during the summer months do more.

So the good news, the store in in bloom, people want to eat, your winter numbers are doubling. OK pay attention when you sell more you buy more. Buying more may mean more deliveries and you need to pay attention because maybe your driver just took a break at the beach and your food is not at it’s best. In all seriousness pay attention to your food orders during the summer. Reject food that is thawed and keep an eye on defrosted cold food. Use your thermometers when needed. Follow your Servsafe manual or our study book at Westchester Food Safety.

Electric costs!!! $$$$$ For some reason the ac units like to break down on the hottest days. Keep your food safe, employees happy and customers refreshed. Keep your electric costs down.

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