Food Safety Needed Westchester County

Hi can have some Hepatis A and a side of Noro-virus? Please

Said No customer ever!!!

Food Safety is needed. Now and always.

According to the FDA, it is estimated that up to 76 million people get a food-borne illness a year. Since people don’t go to the doctor for mild symptoms. the actual number of illnesses can’t be known, but 5,000 people a year die from food-borne illness.

In the United States and many others suffer long-term effects.

Every month and often more these days we hear about some food establishment in our area that was shut down due to food-borne illnesses.


The sad reality is the employees or from the people serving or preparing the food.

To the employer:

Do you without of a shadow of doubt trust your employees 100%?

Training is key, food safety is key. Train your staff right. Call Westchester Food Safety let us educate and certify your staff.

Come to us for we’ll come to you.

Food safety is everyone’s business. Keep your food safe, your staff trained and keep your customers coming back. A food-borne illness will destroy any business.

With stricter food safety guidelines expected in 2018 and beyond it is key we all stay up to date on food safety-

Food Safety is eveytones business.


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