2018 Labor Increase Fast Food. Westchester County Restaurants

Pay Increase Fast Food and Beyond Food Safety and What to Expect in 2018

So if you are like many of us this time of year is full of changes. So what can we expect with the pay raise? While in NYC the minimum wage for fast food workers is $15.00 and in Westchester County is $12.00. Owners have a lot to think about!

So to make this brief, higher expectations need to be put in place on kitchen staff. Training our staff and training them well is key. As the winter months approach, more loss of wages can really cost.  The days of having your staff relaxing is over. In fact many are and will be cutting down on staff.

So keeping your business on top will have more challenges.

Getting the right staff is difficult so training and giving workers an incentive is important. At Westchester Food Safety we train large groups to small groups. Fast Food Chains and small mom and pop shops. The truth is when staff get Servsafe certified they will ultimately stay on the job longer and practice good healthy food safety skills on the job that will in the end make your business run better.

So call today and we will train your staff in one day. Westchester Food Safety has ongoing success certifying people daily throughout the tri state area.

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