Weekly Training Sessions, Sevsafe Manager Tasks

Weekly Training Sessions at your shop, Sevsafe Manager Tasks for the everyday

So at Westchester Food Safety we specialize in keeping up to date on the highest of Servsafe standards. What our clients learn in our class room, we strive on helping them deliver it to their staff members.  Our course consists of 10 units, basically covering everything from, personal hygiene issues, temperature control, understanding and learning about food borne illnesses and how to prevent and deal with possible outbreaks, Sanitizing food prep areas and tools, customer relations, allergies, the proper disposal and storage of trash and recyclables, government agencies and what they do, overall cleanliness and how we should and manage our hands.

It’s a lot to learn and a big responsibility on our managers and store owners. So how can we take this knowledge and train our staff? The food industry has been struggling over the years and staff turnover increases as a result.

Westchester Food Safety has created a master training point list that we suggest Food Safety Managers share weekly meetings in regards to many of the points outlined here:

We have created a 48 point list, each point can be planned out. If you took our course we supply all our students with a study guide that offers great insight.

Keeping your staff a breast of food safety issues is key, it’s a great way to make your workers feel  part of a team and it will ensure that your food safety knowledge isn’t being wasted and time managed as well.

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