Servsafe Chinese and Spanish in Westchester County

Servsafe in Chinese and Spanish Westchester, Fairfield & Bergen County


The great thing about our country we recognize various languages especially when it comes to the food industry. In Westchester County we have a great number of Spanish and Chinese speakers who may speak English well but may prefer their language of origin to the English language. The Health Department knows this and Servsafe along with the National Restaurant Association as well.  Servsafe has created various programs in various languages.

One issue many people encounter is finding a course and exam offered in these languages. Westchester Food Safety has created an amazing self-study program that requires the user to access material created to educate and instill the knowledge any user will need to learn Food safety code and regulation and pass the Food Managers Course in both Spanish or Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified)

Our course is designed like any other like any other live class. The material takes between 5 to 8 hours to review. Various other material is sent along with the 8-hour presentation.

The user is given a practice exam and a custom-made review summary sheet.

The course is great because as many of us are busy you can study and learn on your own time, in your own comfort and mostly in Spanish or Chinese.

After the user has reviewed al the required material, they wil need to schedule an exam with Westchester Food Safety. No EXAM CAN BE TAKEN WITHOUT A LIVE PROCTOR AN INSTRUCTOR.

Westchester Food Safety will bring the exam to your location or you may come to one of our scheduled examination dates which can be found at:


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