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Let’s talk about some issues:

Hand washing:

When it comes to personal hygiene, hand washing is one of the most important steps in preventing Norovirus, cross-contamination and other pathogens form entering our foods. It’s also one of the easiest steps! Food handlers must make sure to wash their hands before starting work or after completing any of the following activities: To effectively wash your hands follow the link below:

Food handlers must wash hands before they start work; after using the restroom; before AND after handling raw meat, poultry, and seafood; after touching their face, hair, or body; after sneezing, coughing, or using a tissue; after eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum or tobacco; handling chemicals that might affect food.

Washing hands although will not make an employee well if for example he or she is suffering from hepatitis a it will prevent them from transferring it to the food.

Understanding when employees need to be excluded or restricted from working is week. Take out course to learn more.

Something to keep in mind that washing hands is one of the biggest food safety issues. Employees must practice proper hand washing always.

Tine and Temperature control:

A leading cause of foodborne illness is time and temperature abuse of TCS (food requiring time and temperature control for safety) foods. TCS foods support growth than any other food type. Take our course and learn more.

This topic is vast and we will just touch on a few safety measures here.

It’s important to get the food out of the temperature danger zone quickly. The temperature danger zone is the range between 41˚F and 135˚F (5˚C and 57˚C).

Cooking, cooling, reheating and preparing our food must be time temperature controlled through the flow of production and storage. Once the bacteria grows there is no hope for your food. We can prevent the growth of bacteria and remember we have control over time and temperature.

Please contact Westchester Food Safety we offer in hours and offsite training. We also offer food safety consulting and can montor and educate you on good food safety and ways to keep you and your customer’s happy. Safe food equals good business.

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