Student observation through the eye of a Servsafe instructor

ChecklistYes so as far as my clients nothing is set in stone. However I have made some observations about my clients and I hope this info is helpful to my future students. Those in general who study the material given before the course generally pass the examination. A large percentage for sure. Clients who follow my program as it’s suggested tend to pass. We all come from various walks of life, culture and educational background. Someone who is 24 years old may have some advantages over someone who is 65 and hasn’t been to school in over 45 years. However the 65 year may have more experience in the kitchen. Anyway my point in this blog posting is the more the student study before the class and the participation and efforts they make in the course make all the difference. If you want to pass the exam, you can. No doubt. Westchteser Food Safety has high standards we follow the guidance 100% from Servsafe and have teaching experience that makes our lesson something easy to understand. We leave no stone un turned. Ultimately the last two hours are the clients and this is the moment that counts. However we have had great success overall. Westchteser Food Safety gets the job done and our clients learn and refer people all the time. The Food Manager’s Safety Certification is a great exam and at the end of the day everyone learns something new and brushes up on things they have forgotten.

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