Servsafe Q&A Westchester County

Servsafe Food Managers Safety Q&A

Can I take the exam online?
NO! A registered proctor must be onsite! No exam can be taken online without a proctor.
Does Westchester County accept the NYC food manager’s certification?
Is the Servsafe certification valid for life in Westchester County?
How often does the certification need to renew in Westchester County New York?
Every 5 years!
Does Putnam County require Servsafe certification for restaurant establishments?
What about Dutches County?
Is the examination easy?
This varies from person to person, the test itself is considered a college level examination. Some describe the test as tricky. Westchester Food Safety covers all the material required to pass the examination. We go over testing techniques and testing tips. Most people who fail, fail not because they lack the knowledge but because of the lack of testing techniques. Westchester Food Safety covers all the aspects related to passing the food manager’s safety protection examination. We fully prepare our clients by supplying them all with the material needed to pass even prior to the course date. All clients who sign up for a course receive our full study guide developed by some of the most sought out food experts.
Is the martial covered in the course useful?
To be honest the material we cover is fundamental for any food manager. The things are clients learn can really help maintain the security and safety of your food and facility. We believe by taking care of food you will benefit financial. Good, safe and clean food and facilities keep customers coming back.
How long is the course?
The day starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm. This includes testing. It’s really a simple and painless day. The short amount of time spent makes the world of difference. The knowledge you will learn will help big time.

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