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Food Allergies Facts for your food establishment.

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With food allergies becoming a popular topic in the food service industry, establishments
need to properly prepare for customers that have an allergy. One of the most important points is to store and prep ingredients separate from others to avoid cross contact. Here are simple storage guidelines to follow for allergen safety: Always keep allergen-free food in air-tight purple storage containers to help your staff easily
identify these ingredients.
Shared work space and cooking tools should not be used, but if you must, be sure to wash
and sanitize all utensils and prep areas thoroughly.
Label all equipment and supplies that will store allergen-free foods. This includes shelving, refrigerators,
mixing bowls and other essentials. Most manufacturers are starting to offer purple
color-coded supplies to make it easier to find.
Most common foods that cause allergic reactions.
• Peanut
• Tree Nuts
• Milk
• Egg
• Wheat
• Soy
• Fish
• Shellfish

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