Why Westchester Food Safety

Ok so at Westchester Food Safety we have over 10 years teaching experience plus many years in the food industry. When the owner Frank started his franchise venture with Subway a few years back he was told he needed to be servsafe certified. He needed the food managers food safety protection certificate. He was told by the westchester county health department that’s what they needed him to get and he had just a few months to get it. Frank found the information online very misleading and finally found someone who he could take the exam with as he decided to study on his own. After a couple of months and having spent $150.00 for a very time consuming online course, plus $80.00 for a book, and at the end $180.00 for the exam Frank was certified and a little confused. Frank decided that he would like to create a course structured in a way that would be fun, user friendly, honest and comfortable. Westchester Food Safety is an ever growing educational entity that is now located in Westchester NY, Fairfield CT, and in Bergen NJ.
Taking a course and exam from someone who understands first hand the time constrictions one faces in the food industry and the value this course and examination is meant to have is key. Westchester Food Safety Strives for your success.

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