About flooring- Servsafe Managers Safety Certification

What extra feature is required when using resilient or hard-surface flooring materials? Coving, a curved sealed edge placed between the floor and the wall to eliminate sharp corners or gaps that would be hard to clean.   What qualities are found in good flooring for a kitchen? Smooth, durable, nonabsorbent, easy to clean, resistant of Read more about About flooring- Servsafe Managers Safety Certification[…]

Sanitizing 3 compartment sinks Servsafe

Sanitizing 3 compartment sinks What is Sanitizing and how do we do it?   Sanitizing is the process of reducing the number of microorganisms on a clean surface to safe levels (removing microorganisms you cannot see). Both can be done with heat or chemicals. Sometimes we misuse terms regarding sanitation, so to further clarify definitions Read more about Sanitizing 3 compartment sinks Servsafe[…]

Adulterated Food

On the Servsafe there has been said to be questions related to “honest” food or “adulterated” foods, So what the %£$ does this mean. Does food lie to people? Is food acting in an inappropriate way that needs out of view of the kiddies. To honestly present food means to provide food to customers in Read more about Adulterated Food[…]

Servsafe certification can help preserve your name and reputation.

Servsafe Food Manager’s certification in Connecticut, New York & New Jersey! Your restaurants online reputation is constantly at risk, and the Internet makes this a bigger challenge than in the past. Your online reputation affects sales in your restaurant in more ways than you can count. One unhappy customer or angry competitor can smear his Read more about Servsafe certification can help preserve your name and reputation.[…]