Temperature Reading Servsafe Westchester Food Safety


Some Servsafe information temperature reading. Westchester Food Safety Tips.

What do immersion probes do?

They measure temp of liquids.

What do bimetallic stemmed thermometers do?

They measures temperature through a metal probe with a sensor toward the end, measures from 0-220, only one that can be calibrated, has a dimple to mark the end of the sensing area, needs accuracy within 2 degrees.

What do thermocouples and thermistors do?
They measure temp through a metal probe or sensing area and display results on a digital readout.

What is a time temperature indicator?
a device that that changes in color inside the windows notified the employee receiving the shipment that the product has been time-temp abused.

What are some general thermometer guidelines?
keep thermometers and their storage cases clean, calibrate them regularly to ensure accuracy, never use glass thermometers to monitor the temp of food, stick the probe or thermometer in the thickest part of product, wait for reading to steady before recording temp.


What is a surface probe?
A Surfave measures temp of flat cooking equipment like griddles.

Really important to know?

What is the temperature danger zone range?
Temperatures between 41 and 135 where microorganisms grow.

What is the flow of food?
The path through an establishment: purchasing, receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, holding, cooling, reheating, serving



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