Cleaning and Sanitizing Servsafe Westchester Food Safety

Westchester Food Safety Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips for Servsafe


With food allergies becoming a popular topic in the food service industry, Maintain a clean commercial kitchen is a necessity for a food service establishment. While washing only removes visible surface soils, sanitizing takes cleaning a step further by banishing harmful bacteria and invisible germs.

Follow these guidelines for ensuring food preparation areas and supplies are ready for use.

Prevent bacterial growth in storage units by routinely cleaning and sanitizing shelves.
Keep floors free of dirt and food spills.

Hold regular internal inspections of all storage areas.

Wash prep surfaces and tools frequently in hot, soapy water.

Remove food and other contaminants from surfaces; then clean with an appropriate detergent and water solution of 110°F.

After rinsing with hot water, use a sanitizing solution based on the manufacturer’s directions to reduce the number of bacteria present.

Keep all food at least 6 inches off the floor.

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