What’s to risk by not pest controlling your shop?


Your shop is at risk!! That’s… what’s at risk. Pest control is very important in a restaurant business. A great deal is at stake if even a single cockroach

is found in the restaurant. The restaurant’s reputation is in danger and it can start losing customers if rumors are spread.


Pests can lead to disease and this is often a good indication you’re not taking care of things.


So what should be done? Monthly spraying from a reputable Pest management company one whom specializes in restaurant pest control. Find a budget that works for you. But saving money can cost you in the end! A bad reputation can ruin it all.


Here are some helpful tips plus some questions that may appear on the Servsafe test:


What is an integrated pest management program? Uses prevention measures to keep pests from entering the operation and control measures to eliminate those that get inside.


What is the best way to ensure the integrated pest management program works? Work closely with a licensed pest control operator.


What are the three basic rules to integrated pest management? -Deny pest access to the operation
-Deny pests food and shelter
-Work with licensed pest control operator to eliminate pests that enter.


How do you prevent pests from entering with deliveries?  use approved, reputable sources.
– check all deliveries
-refuse shipments that have pests or signs of pests.


What can you do to prevent pests from entering through pipes? – use concrete to fill holes around pipes
– install screens
-cover floor drains with grates


What are some guidelines to deny pests food and shelter?  -dispose of garbage quickly and correctly
-store recyclables in clean, pest-proof containers
-keep food and supplies away from walls and off the floor
-careful cleaning


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