Servsafe the difficulty and how to pass

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The ServSafe test has been described as a college level test. The ServSafe course and test are a part of most college curriculums in any food related program.

To keep the integrity and the value of the ServSafe Test and Certificate, the test is designed to be challenging. Many of those who fail the test the first time didn’t fail because they didn’t have a good understanding of the food code, but failed due to lack of testing techniques and testing experience or former education.

At Westchester Food Safety we specialize in getting our clients prepared. Your win is our win. We cover all the material required under the Servsafe way. We take pride in our courses and have great success.

The fact of the matter is when we suggest to our clients things to do and they follow the suggestions they win. We see those who don’t struggle and don’t have the success we would have liked for them. Remember suggestions are subtle commands. So when there are suggestions to take in preparation for the examination, follow them. Time is money and no one wants to have to come back to retest.

Like we said we have a really high success rate and at the end of the day knowledge and a sense of accomplishment are always earned at Westchester Food Safety. The Food Managers Safety Protection Certification done right

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