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Why Westchester Food Safety

Why should we use Westchester Food Safety as a provider? Someone asked me this just today.
At Westchester Food Safety we understand our clients because we walk in their shoes on a daily basis.
My name is Frank Madaio. I am the proud owner and instructor at Westchester Food Safety. What we learn in class is practical and like what they tell us on the Servsafe exam, the best way to learn a skill is to put it into practice. Being a restaurant owner/manager is a busy life style and time is precious. We understand this that is why we have developed a cost effective, quick but useful course for those in the food industry.

Fortunately my years of experience in the food industry tie well together with my years of experience teaching. I understand how information needs to be transferred and in addition to this I understand firsthand what needs to be transmitted. I take extreme pride in my courses and exams. In addition to the courses I over a variety of Food Safety Consulting programs.

Food and safety are two things that evolve and there is something new every day to learn and improve upon. Taking a class it Westchester Food Safety is not only beneficial to those taking but at the end of the day food safety awareness classes such as this one help ensure customers are free and clear of any potential hazards related to food serving and preparation.

I believe food safety starts here. Servsafe is an accredited program associated with the National Food Association. Westchester Food Safety is a registered partner.  We take pride in that fact.

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