Why the Food Manager’s Safety Protection Sanitary Certification

Why the Food Manager’s Safety Protection Sanitary Certification

Many people may be asking why do I need this certification? I bake break. Why do I need this course and certification I have been working with food for over 15 years I know it all. Why does the Health Department want to make my life difficult?

In realty the Health Department is not only ensuring the safety of their residents but ensuring that your assists are being protected. The truth is while owning a restaurant or food establishment one can lose sight of some safety issue that can be critical and ultimately cost you your business and reputation.

Food Safety is everyone’ business, make it yours. Westchester Food Safety prides its self on the fact that not only is the instructor a qualified teacher, but also a self efficient Food establishment owner.

What we learn, re-learn will ultimately help you with your staff. We are certain that our participants will walk away with some knowledge that will help build a stronger and more efficient business by taking our course and examination.

The CDC estimates that each year 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Researchers have identified more than 250 foodborne diseases.Feb 16, 2018

The bacteria and viruses that cause the most illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths in the United States are:


Norovirus (Norwalk Virus)


  1. coli.


Clostridium perfringens.

Certifying your staff is a great idea, not only does this test give you something that is mandated by the Health Departments across many counties in the United States. This certification gives workers a sense of well being and pride.

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