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Westchester County Health Department what they expect from Restaurants.

Westchester County

Did you know that there are over 4,000 food establishments in Westchester County? The County Health Department inspects all of these establishments? If you are opening one, they will inspect yours as well. Be sure of and be prepared. Food Safety is everyone’s business. Without your certification you cannot exist.

Westchester Food Safety is proving itself day by day and more and more happy customers are coming back and referring lots of customers to us. We take pride in our down to earth and practical approach to Servsafe. We present all the material needed to pass and offer good insight on how to test for it.

Food service owners and operators attend a Food Handler’s Training course designed and developed by this department. Since the course began in 1985, thousands of food service operators have attended intensive classes, like Westchester Food Safety.

Restaurant managers and owners have a lot on their plates, but food safety needs to come first. That’s why the Westchester County Department of Health is helping restaurateurs keep their customers safe by providing them with opportunities to learn how to protect the food they serve. Understanding good food safety practices in the end will keep your establishment desirable and keep your clients coming back for more. Westchester County is not the only county who requests the Food Manager’s Safety Servsafe certification. So check with your local regulatory group today.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Westchester County Health Department: Food borne illness complaints, public health complaints and 24 hour emergency phone line (914) 813-5000
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Complaints: (425) 483-4949
  • National Meat and Poultry Hotline: (800) 535-4555
  • New York State Restaurant Association: (800) 452-5212
  • New York State Department of Health: (800) 458-1158

Food Service Establishment Regulations and Laws

Health Advisories

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